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Liebe Member, bitte die Mailadressen aktuell halten, danke - bleibt gesund! Norbert

    With 12 User ? I do not believe that!

    Whats about your networkkonfiguration?
    (Network card with ?full duplex? or ?half duplex?)

    Maybe a DNS problem. Add the Exchange server name and IP address in the local host file of your client.


    Hi Marcel,

    does the error concern all or only one user?

    If it is only one user, you should examine the network configuration. The network map should not "auto" but on "half" or "full". Also you should examine the configuration of the SWITCH.

    If the error comes with all user, it can be that the server is overloaded and the RPC inquiries cannot processed.

    How is your server equipment? (CCU & RAM)
    How is the extent of utilization in the task manager?
    How many Users / Mailbox contain the server?

    Alternatively you could activate the Cache mode also with Outlook 2003. This minimizes the server load substantially!